Designed with safety and performance in mind, the 3PO Naviga¬tor enhances your motor boating experi¬ence. The octagonal propel¬ler guard provides you with optimum protection without hindering quality boating performance. The guard will prevent unnecessary injury to your prop, your passangers, and the environment. A selection of quality Stainless Steel and Aluminum materials with a suburb mount¬ing system with a pro¬tective shield, makes this a “must have” for every boat owner.

Our Products provide:

  • Increased protection for swimmers
  • Increased protection for marine life
  • Increased boat perfomance
  • Prop damage practically eliminated Better steering at slow speeds
  • Quicker "out of the hole"
  • Less rope tangles and damage
  • Cavitation reduction
      • At Idle and slow speeds, the shield stays snug against the propeller guard.
      • As speed increases, the water pushes against the shield making it rise to trail behind the boat on top of the water.
      • As the boat slows, the shield drops down to rest on the propeller guard.
      • In reverse the shield stays snug against the guard, prevent¬ing entry to the propeller area from the rear.
        • The Propeller Shield is a valuable addition to the propeller guard because it protects at the rear of the boat at slow speeds and in reverse with no performance loss.

          Boat Performance

          With the guard installed, bow rise is greatly reduced enabling the operator to see clearly in front of the boat even during fast start-ups; increasing lookout, steering response and control. The boat planes 16 to 35% faster.

          The sleek shape enhanc¬es the hydrodynamics of the mounted unit. Handling, maneuver¬ability and performance increases at both high and low speeds. In tests ranging from 3200 to 4500 rpm, the Navigator boosts perfor¬mance by 4 to 24%.

    • Propeller Navigation:

    The 3PO Navigator consists of an octago¬nal ring that encompasses the propeller with strategically placed ports that pre¬vent cavitation and ventilation. The top of the guard is mounted to the cavitation plate of the lower unit. The bot¬tom of the guard is attached by a stainless steel mounting bracket to the skeg on the lower portion of the outdrive.


  • Propeller Safety Shield:

      The newest addition to the 3PO Navigator is a Propeller Shield with hydro-fin which encloses the rear of the guard.

    • Forward Motion:

    • Reverse:

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